Handcrafted Custom Built Surfboards

From the first shaping of a board in 1958 to present day we have evolved thru the years, but never lost the boards soul cause they're handcrafted by Len Dibben himself. Every detail is analyzed to see if the board can be improved in procedure. Each board Can take up to 30 hours ( short ) & 50 plus hours( Long ) depending of the extras. Len Dibben surfboards Last 20 plus years Not 15 -to 20 months like most boards do to day. This has been my belief since I start in 1959 in my Family Back yard in Beaconsfield W.A. So customers are getting 54 years of Surfboard development from the early hollow wood construction right through the Longboard 60's Short board 70's Refinement of the 80- 90s. Now back to the 2000 2014plus re entry of the Longboard ,Mini Mals ,Retro Short board & all the other boards that have come back into the mainstream production.