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Len Dibben Surfboards choose only the highest quality surfboard blanks glued to exact specifications for all models.

We demand this quality in our surfboards so you, the surfer, can reap the benefits on the wave. You will also benefit from our knowledge of almost 55 + years in surfboard shaping and manufacturing.

After hand shaping, a record is made of every measurement on the board. With this information, we can tailor your board for speed, maneuverability or fun to suit your individual requirements.

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Glassing Techniques

With all Len Dibben surfboards, we pride ourselves on attention to detail. From shaping and glassing to sanding and finishing.
Our shortboards are finished in gloss wet and dry and our longboards in gloss polish.

At Len Dibben Surfboards, you have the opportunity to speak directly with the man who will make your board. Come and be the judge, we guarantee you will not be disappointed in our product or service.

See our short surfboard shaping movie.

All Len Dibben shortboards are meticulously hand crafted. The bottom of the surfboard is the most important component, and it is here where the surfer demands performance. We have had many positive responses from shortboard riders on single to double concaves with a slight vee throughout and double bonzer concaves just before the fins.
We can custom build a shortboard to your requirements and we can craft boards in lengths from 5′ 6″ to 8′ 0″ in every conceivable outline.

Fun Gunsfun guns

Len Dibben Fun Gun surfboards are also referred to as mini mals or hybrids. They suit board riders who want to catch waves a little more easily and still pull off rail to rail manoeuvres. Len Dibben Fun Guns have 21st century outlines and rockers with slightly wider and thicker noses, centres and tails. They have all the features of a modern board with extra width and vee in the tail.

A typical Fun Gun measures 7′ 0″ x 20 ½” x 2¾”.
“I could have got a cheaper board, but I went with Len Dibben because of the quality and I knew that Len would put his soul into it.” Clive Digney.


The Mini Longboard or Malibu is fast becoming one of the most popular styles of surfboard around. These boards are ideal for shortboard riders when conditions are small as they provide extra buoyancy, and for longboarders when it is fast and pitchy as these boards have a little extra nose rocker to provide for these situations. The Malibu is the perfect complement to any riders quiver as they give you a versatile option when the others are sitting on the sand.

All Len Dibben Malibus are shaped with high performance in mind. Specs range from: 6’6″ to 8′ 6″. Most have fixed or removable thruster set-ups with slightly narrower noses than traditional longboards. All thicknesses and dimensions can be fine-tuned to suit your individual requirements.


All Len Dibben Longboards will give you fantastic turns and magic tip time. Be the envy of all onlookers as you stage nose rides and rail turns with ease.

“My Longboard made by Len Dibben is not just a surfboard it is a piece of art.” Paul Goldie.

Len Dibben Longboards are classified into:
High Performance Longboards
Pro Classic Longboards
Nose Rider Longboards
60’s Style Classic Longboards

High Performance Longboard

A modern Len Dibben high performance Longboard has a slightly narrower nose at 17½”. These long boards have a little more nose nose lift to give you the chance to pull off those extreme modern maneuvers & late take offs. Fin boxes are incorporated with removable swivel stabilisers for variations in fin placement. This type of board also has more down rail concept.
Pro Classic Len Dibben Longboard

The standard Len Dibben Longboard has a nose width around 18½”, a 23″ center and a 14″ tail. The nose rocker is moderate to allow for steep take offs. This style of longboard has hard rails at the tail flowing to a 60/40 or 50/50 at the center. The bottom is usually slightly concave at the nose into a soft rolled tail. Fin set ups are typically box style or with side stabilizers. Typical specs range from: 8′ 6″ to 10′ 0″ plus.

1960’s Classicsclasic 60's

Len Dibben has started reproducing his famous models with all the fantastic features of the 60’s. Stylish Cedar stringers with matching nose and tail blocks, simple glassed on individual fins, and rounded elliptical rails with flatter rockers give these boards a feel unique to the era. All Len Dibben 60’s Classics are precisely glassed with 4 oz 8 oz Volane to the bottom and 6 oz 8 oz Volane to the top fully wrapped with taped cutbacks. This technique re-creates the strength and weight of the 60’s style boards.